Exquisite products by Tord Buntje.

Tord Buntje is one of the very few designers who seeks to show that even garbage can be beautiful and useful with just a little effort. He is not interested in trends in the design world. He simply does what is close to his heart. Tord creates exquisite products. His work includes lighting, graphics, textiles, ceramics and furniture. His creations can be found in the main collections of the world: MOMA, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the New York Copper-Hewitt Museum, the Design Museum and the Tate Modern in London. As a child, Tord dreamed of "becoming a forester and caring for little animals." Now plants and "little animals" are the main characters of his design developments. Among his famous inventions are chandeliers made in the form of branches, woolen and paper screens decorated with carved flowers, and chairs dressed up in festive dresses. Fabulous, is not it? We have selected for you the most impressive of his works!