We have made a new catalogue

Favourite is glad to present you a new catalogue of F-promo luminaires, which are designed taking in mind the cutting-edge trends in interior design. There is a change of epoch, and there is a change in technology. So,
luminaires, just as many other interior decorations, are becoming more cost-effective, environmentally- and userfriendly. Clear and bright geometric forms and silhouettes combine with traditional classical lines, thus creating a
novelty fusion.
The new F-promo collection focuses on this season’s latest trends – smooth lines, a combination of different
finishes and materials. We use in our luminaires different shades of metals, decorative ceramic items, mirror glass,
various drapery, and artificial stone.
F-promo luminaires are fairly popular not only among professionals that specialize in private interior design,
but also among professional studios that design the illumination of public spaces - hotels, restaurants, and show
rooms.Whatever tasks are faced by designers or customers, who have just purchased a new apartment or house,
they will surely find stylish models to their liking, combining excellent quality with reasonable prices.

You can see the catalogue here: