Provocative lamps by Sergey Makhno

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Sergey Makhno Architects team will present their provocative lamp designs in the Salone del
Mobile.Milano exhibition.
The brutalism goes off the scale. You can see the lamps looking like red-hot volcanoes, cast iron
kettles, or the ancient people’s first utensils. These original customized ceramic lamps are manually
fabricated in the author’s proprietary workshop in limited quantities.
After a 3-month check, Makhno eventually got the critical response, “The design is unique and must
be seen.”
Sergey Makhno Architects booth is expected to occupy 100 square meters. A cube hangs in the air
1.5 meters above the booth. It conceals the main showpiece of this exhibition. Crust and Volcano
earthen lamps are buried in verdure growing out of the ceiling. And beneath them Alexander
Yarovoy, the studio’s master of ceramics, is working on a pottery wheel.
“To feast one’s eyes on something, a form is enough. When going to spend together a considerable
part of life, we should look inside. It is there where the essential beauty, energy and strength can be
found. Things are truly born at home. Until they have no home, they cannot speak of themselves.
After getting a home, a ceramic vase becomes a family relic, and all the interior starts spinning
around it,” says Sergey Makhno.